Oil sands

Oil sand GIBA S

Oil-Bound fine sand for moulding

Oil sand GIBA S is an oil-bound sand, is delivered ready for use and cannot dry out because of its binding. Its high green strength allows accurate shapes and exact castings.

Oil sand GIBA S is mainly used in Aluminium sector (light alloy sector) and in art castings for thin parts.

Application instructions:
During application of the sand on the model, the first layer should be sieved on and lightly pressed. Thereafter, the mold box can be filled with sieved sand and has to be strongly compacted. Do not add water, do not use any black washes.

Special features:
In addition to the standard quality, Oil sand GIBA S will be also produced with higher fluidity (Oil sand GIBA SM) or less fluidity (Oil sand GIBA S-fett). The Oil sand GIBA can not only be used as contact sand but also as padding sand. (Used as contact-sand, it goes into the moulding sand circuit. Used as a padding sand, it can be regenerated with Oil and Paste.)

Physical properties: S SM S-fett SM45 SM50 SI 19 SI 9AEM
Compression strength [N/cm2] 12.51213 13.813.2 1518

AFS grain finess number: 70 - 220
Middle grain size: 0.07 - 0.18 mm

At least 1 year in hermetically closed bags. UV radiation (sun exposure) and / or air contact can result in physical changes or in changes of colour.

50 kg PE bags