Pattern making

We supply resins, patterns and pattern equipments.

1. Accessories for patterns, dies and core boxes

Standardized lettering on patterns
Letterings made of plastics, white alloys
Pattern labels, self-adhesive
Storages for pattern designs
Pattern clocks, die clocks
Slot jets made of Brass, Steel, Aluminium and Plastics
Slot jets with special slots
Dowels of all types for wood, steel and dies
Core box locks
Fittings of all brands
Company logos, special characters
Sheet brass, special adhesives
Marking devices / -machines
Magnets for pattern making
Special jets of all types
Slot jet cleaner / -driller
Special tools for dowels
Lifting plates, lifting tools
Concave fillet tools

2. Rasps, Files, Chisels:

Rasps for pattern-making
Files for metals, rifflers
Chisels of all types
Files for Aluminium, Diamond files
Needle files, handles
Carving knives

3. Gauges:

Gauge for measuring shrinkage
Marking plates and -devices
Flat- and try squares, templates
Yardsticks, straightedges
Clamping angles

4. Tools for milling and cutting:

Milling cutters for styrofoams
Special milling tools for routers
Drillers and moulding knives
Cutting machines for styrofoam
Conical milling cutters, CNC
Rotating devices with flexible shafts and accessories

5. Workshop materials:

Workbenches and tool cabinets
Bench vises and clamps
Adhesives, screws, nails
Brushes, brooms, scrubbers, shovels
Grease guns and nipples
Planing benches and carpenter's plane
All hand tools, lathe tools
Special hammers, accessories for pressurized air
All types of spray guns
Grinding materials and grinding tools

6. Materials for treating of surfaces:

Parting materials, lacquers, fillers
Wax foils, acetone, ethyl alcohol
Adhesives, diverse filler materials
Griding bands and grinding discs

7. Resins for patter making and auxiliary materials:

Resins for the surface, cast resins
Filling materials, cups for mixing, buckets
Resins for laminating, rapid binding resins
Parting materials, special brushes

8. Machines for pattern making:

Grinding and drilling machines Band saws, lathes