C - carrier


STEINKOHLEMEHL GIBA-N is a high quality powder of hard coal. In order to get a high homogenity of chemical and physical characteristics (like volatile constituents, anthracite, ashes and sulphur), the special selected coal types were blended together and milled. By this measure it will be reached that beneath a consistent analysis we get a higher amount of active carbon in comparison to pure natural powder.

- Compared with natural powder the amount of addition is 85-90 %.

- This reduction of the added amount enables to reduce the water content in the moulding sand and this reduces the tendency for pinholes.

- STEINKOHLEMEHL GIBA-N acts quickly reductive and counteracts therefore the tendency for penetration by explosions.

- By a specific sorting out procedure the fine dust will be removed as far as possible and a contamination of the moulding sand by dust will be avoided.

- Simultaneously the flowability of the sand will be improved and the quality of the surfaces of the castings will also be improved

Areas of application:
STEINKOHLEMEHL GIBA-N is specially proper for GJL, GJS and GJM as well as for low pressure, middle pressure and high pressure application.

Approximate analysis:
Water3 %
Ashes6 % wf
Coking residues60-70 % waf
Volatile constituents33-38 % waf
Lustrous carbon10-11 % wf
Sulfur0.9 % wf

This information about our product complies with our actual knowledge and experience. The content of our information is not binding due to the various possibilities of application.